Storm Action in Dorset

Last weekend a storm system passed over while I was in the south Dorset area. During a day out myself and Emily managed to see some amazing weather as a result of the storm system.

First stop Poole and the chain ferry. We decided not to travel on the ferry due to its wibblyness and the chance of someone being sick.

Chain Ferry at Pool during the storm


After this we were headed towards the New Forest but took a slight detour over to Hengistbury Head for a fresh coffee (The brand name coffee previously bought was a let down). While there we took advantage and walked on down to the beach. Wow what a sight we saw. The waves were quite angry and the beach was covered in a foam of some sort.


We left Hengistbury Head with mildly damp trousers and wind beaten faces happy to get back in the Jimny and get the heaters going. We moved on towards the New Forest taking a casual drive through to Burley where we stopped to nip into the café for a sausage roll. It was closed! Shame as they make a mean sausage roll. But we got some fudge and looked in the witches shop which is always a good stop off.

Driving on we made our way back towards Wimborne via the Red Shoot and the ford at Moyles Court. I’ve been waiting some time for this ford to have a semi decent flow of water and I got a bit lucky. I’m still waiting for a more challenging crossing.

Moyles Court – New Forest


When we got back to Wimborne we made a last call in to the river Stour not far from Canford Magna golf course. The river had swollen into a raging flow of dirty brown water. The weir was overwhelmed and the adjacent field was slowly turning into a swamp/lake.

And lastly. The following day I went to Mudeford and discovered that the sea had not calmed down much. The picture doesn’t show just how rough the sea was or how high the tide was. The sea front walkway is wet from the waves crashing over the wall and most people were walking on the far side to avoid the splash attacks.

Mudeford the day after the storms passed through

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