Lydford Gorge

On Easter Sunday we took a trip down to Lydford Gorge, turns out its further than we thought but well worth the drive.

Lydford Gorge at the National Trust

We were forced into the ‘long’ 3 mile circular walk as the Trust are carrying out repairs on a bridge. This was actually a good thing and perhaps maybe the long walk should be encouraged more.

I will say though that the path along the bottom of the gorge has some questionable sections to navigate!

@NT Lydford Gorge, lower path
Lydford Gorge, lower path

And that handrail seems a bit last century.

Starting from the Devils Cauldron end we headed through the woodland towards White Lady Falls. This section is easy to walk through but it has some steep drops into the gorge, so don’t look down for to long.

At the end of the woodland section there is an old railway line which forms part of the long ‘easy’ walk down to the bottom of the White Lady Falls waterfall.

We took the short direct and very downhill path which after a short slope is a never ending series of steps all the way down the bottom of the waterfall. White Lady Falls is an impressive waterfall and popular photo stop so be prepared to wait while others find their angle.

From here the walk back takes you along the bottom of the gorge and has lots of tricky sections, I suggest wearing very suitable footwear.

Tough Section Of Lower Path At Lydford Gorge

The Devils Cauldron is the place to visit at the far end of the path. Its a swirling surge of water running through a series of caves at quite high speed.

Lydford Gorge is a must see, its on the west side of Dartmoor not far from Okehampton. There is the choice of 3 walks each with plenty of the natural world to offer.


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