Rowing On The Stour

Ever wondered how easy it is to row a boat? It’s not. Paddle coordination and stroke symmetry are not easily mastered.

With the recent weather we decided to take a row boat out on the river Stour. There is a company in Wimbourne Dream Boats, that hire out the boats (weather permitted) for about £15 an hour.

Having no experience of rowing made it all the more fun. To start with we headed down stream towards Canford Magna School. Knowing there is a weir and that the school has a large rowing presence on the river we only went as far as the bridge of the A31 main road.

Heading back up stream proved to be difficult, rowing against the flow and the wind was a zig zag inducing struggle.

Rowing against the flow and the wind.

After what seemed like an impossible task of getting back up stream in a straight-ish line we made it to the upper limit of the Wimbourne / Merley bridge.

I can say that I now want to get a small rowing boat and go find some nice river sections to enjoy.

If you are interested in trying the experience the Dream Boats Website has more information and comes recommended.


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