adding read/write permissions when mounting Fat32 usb to raspberry pi

There is a more recent post on this subject at the below link which covers more detail of mounting a windows based NTFS storage device (flash drive or HDD etc) onto a Linux system. Mounting NTFS to Raspberry Pi 3 Last year I was given a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B and to be honest [...]


Storm Action in Dorset

Last weekend a storm system passed over while I was in the south Dorset area. During a day out myself and Emily managed to see some amazing weather as a result of the storm system. First stop Poole and the chain ferry. We decided not to travel on the ferry due to its wibblyness and [...]

New Forest, Frozen.

While the mercury stayed low, we took a quick trip through the New Forest. Coming in from the Salisbury road at Ellingham, passing by the Red Shoot and then on toward the Boulderwood ornamental drive before leaving via the A35. A little before the Red Shoot is a car park on the right (Applewood) and just before that [...]


So as development continues on iMoney I looked at implementing a 'grouping' feature for the debits and credits. Enter the CollectionViewSource. Now I wont lie it took a while to wrap the grey matter around it but after some research and wine I established this code. I then feed the monthSummaryCollectionGrouped object into the CollectionViewSource source. [...]

New Year Coding

The question was asked if my budget app would be available across windows 10 devices, PC, tablet and phone. The short and easy answer was no. So I've jiggled the XAML and wiggled the C# and created a responsive UI which takes the app from desktop to mobile. <RelativePanel> and <VisualStateManager> combine to create a powerful UI.